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The original chart-topping hit, "Let Me Be The One" from Exposé has been re-recorded and remixed featuring 10 new tracks. For samples, head on over to our MUSIC page.

Track Listing:
1. LMBTO (Giuseppe D. Master Mix)
2. LMBTO (Klubjumpers Radio Mix)
3. LMBTO (Super Extended Klubjumpers Mix)

4. Let Me Be The Mix (E39 Peter Tanico Mix)
5. LMBTO (Oliver Watts JBH Club Mix)
6. LMBTO (Klubjumpers Extended Mix)
7. LMBTO (E39 Peter Tanico Remix)
8. LMBTO (Chris Thomas Remix)
9. LMBTO (Klubjumpers Remix)
10. LMBTO (E39 Peter Tanico House Mix)

LMBTO (The Remixes)

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